I love... love stories.

The glow of a bride.

The moment the groom sees his bride.

I love capturing love and weddings with photography.

After photographing hundreds of weddings I fell more in love with the beauty of a wedding day.


I met my husband Aaron when I was 13 years old, we quickly became close friends. We rode the same school bus to school most mornings and afternoons. We began dating off and on through high school and college years. When I went to South Africa for three months for my photography/missions school our love grew deeper and we knew we couldn’t be apart any longer. We got married a few months after I came back home to the U.S. We got married at my home church in Colorado Springs the summer of 2010.

We work and learn together…I hope you have a wedding that you look back on the photos and feel the same feelings flood back to you again and again!

We would love to meet new people and be apart of making your wedding day more memorable and special! 


Highlight of Our wedding day